Trax RV Flexible Solar Kit 150W

Trax RV Flexible Solar Kit 150W

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  • 3mm flexible panel with eyelets for easy securing
  • Open circuit voltage: 23.4V
  • Max current: 7.58A
  • Dimensions: 1500x675x3mm
  • Comes with 5m cable with red anderson plug for easy connection to regulator or AOR van
  • Storage bag for protection
  • Looking for a place to store the solar panel? We recommend underneath the Queen bed mattress whilst traveling. Its only 3mm thick and slides easily under the Queen mattress.

PWM regulator with LCD displays shows different working status including:

  • Battery charge voltage
  • PV charge current
  • Total PV change AH
  • Adjustable constant charge voltage settings for Battery type
  • Load monitoring and low voltage disconnect features
  • Red and Gray Anderson Plugs for easy connectivity
  • Easy connection to 20A regulator and battery
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